Filemon Kid - @Skellywear

Filemon Kid was started by Sara Cambladh, originally a shoe designer.

After her second child she thought commuting, travel and work took too much time away from her and her family. Her interest in children's clothing grew, she began to draw up own designs and printed them on shirts (as she then forced her children to wear) 

Soon she combined business with pleasure ...

Filemon Kid was born

Their motto is impulsivity, joy, playfulness and simple design with unexpected touches.

The idea is that the playful and colorful design will match the play-friendly garments.

They believe in accountability and a broader perspective. Organic and natural materials and water-soluble ink based printing is essential for them.

They do their utmost to tiptoe with as small eco footprints as possible.They care for the children, cares about their planet and they care about originality and expression desire.

Life's meant to be lively & Filemon Kid is cool clothes for cool kids!